Action no.- 9 (water), Duration:2 and ½ hours, Dimension of Residues: 3.5” X 2.5” X 2.5”(steel glass two pieces). 2016


Instruction : Two glasses (1 filled with water and 2nd empty), I will take a swig of water from 1st. I will spit it out in 2nd. Vice versa after the water finishes from 1st the act will continue until the water finishes from both the glasses. Duration : Until water finishes. (Around 2 and ½ hours)


The action has two glasses where one glass is full of water. I take one swig at a time without swallowing and transfer it into the other. However careful I may be, I inadvertently spill, drip or swallow small portions. This act continues from one to another glass until finally there is no water left. The action was performed in front of a CCTV camera in the university.)