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"Breath crossing the yellow line" 2018

The project appears in the developing urban land Greater Noida, Utter Pradesh, Delhi. The speculative construction of city emerges as the growth of abandoned infrastructure. We found the site in this landscape to engage, the site was unused and time has acted on it. The immerse process in the underground site comes up with sets of actions, post actions, sounds, and drawings. 


Action no. 15_Calculation of Clean 
Dimension: one square foot by one square foot

Duration: 2 and ½ hour


Action no. 16_Speck
The dimension of Residue: Less than 1 cm


The dust which lay on our body in my day to day working atmosphere. While working on site I was collecting that dust from my body which is also partly produced from my skin and sweat.  I was using my hands to remove that dust from my body part as a very usual act.



Action no. 17_line
The dimension of Residue: around 23feet to 25feet



My nose was close to the floor. I was breathing and shifting back slowly.  I inhaled the dust and produced the ‘clean’, with the help of my breath. (I was keeping the dust inside of my body and passing on the cleaning. The traces of this action appears with the line which cut the site at the same time it also stores the line inside of my body.)

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