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Action No. – 24

Hands Up

Supported By abr 

The book in the video is copied images from the internet in the form of drawings along with the text. The book was meant for everyday notes, to-do lists, and sketching ideas as a regular diary that later overlaps by protest and violent images entries from the internet of 2020 India. Quietly holding the open book in the public, rendering geographies, sounds and images is an attempt to see lose and shape energy.

The internet images which often only remains in the screens. Materializing them into colors, textures, and papers is an attempt to come back to space with the image or perhaps gaze the act of making it and shortening the distance between the screens and bodies. The remainder of oppressing past to fascist future and present of India or in this case forgetting as evidence of producing unjust. This forgetting has a specific nature. It works not because of disappears but another way more you see it in your daily posts of media more it becomes normal, maybe that is what it is, violence is a new normal.

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