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“Image Syndrome” is an exploration of violent imagery captured by current journalistic photography and morphing them into drawings, text, and screenshots recording, and returning to the internet (through Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube). How do we realize the images on the internet as they are coming from all different incidents, with no authors, perspectives, or tools? Specifically, the political events, riots, and protest imagery bombarded through various internet platforms. What is the impact of these images, do they communicate, create empathy, and awareness, or remain in the spectacle of the events? What kind of aesthetic does this imagery have, do they communicate through its aesthetic? Receiving this imagery of violence on our phones becomes a regular activity of life, leading to violence as a new normal. The drawing attempts to revisit the imagery of violence from the last two years in India. And want to explore how we communicate and create out of it. Materializing the image out from the screen and giving it physicality, where drawing takes place creates a critical engagement.

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