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He heats the bread on coal; it's not that one which they use for Shisha. This coal comes from other lands; he pointed the hand behind his body. I have that taste on my tongue. I have eaten many lands to build my land. Still, I am other here, the document that makes me busy and purposeful, while my boss renews it every year. In the evening I have time, so I do cleaning in the more shops. No, I have walked same, every day, but with different reasons. There are so many interesting meanings in the dirt, some also excavate them. You can see them in Sunday Market. He also sells bread there when the construction sites pause. That day, the sites look like a photograph, but then they have some animation of the city or building images around the borders of the site. Those images are satisfying and make a time familiar and close. I like to take a selfie with it more than the seaside, and the phone saves them. When I see these pictures, I feel I am a part of something. 

“Kadr” is an investigation on the wrapping papers of local bread of the city Beirut. That has produced the oil traces on wrapping papers. The performative research leads to the neighborhood while measuring, documenting, collecting, and understanding the food as energy and power.

watercolor on paper, Shop of bread seller
action no. 20

Action no. 20 (wrapping papers) 2018 to 2019 


Whenever I eat this bread, I hold on to the wrapping paper.  

These actions cause the collection of the papers, each paper has individual oil trace on it. I started to look for these traces and slowly plot a route of this food circulation in the location. The oil remains on the papers as leftover energy that made this inquiry possible as performative research. All these papers open up their trace in different ways of visual language, that latter becomes the reports or files.

Screenshot (293).png
action no. 21

Action no. 21 (thread) 2019  

The length of the thread is equivalent to the depth of the foundation for the building under construction.
I wrap the entire length of the thread around my wrist until my hand goes numb from lack of circulation. 

action no. 22

Action no. 22(soil) 2019 

This soil is collected from excavator machines. I hold the soil until the moisture of the soil and the heat of my body mutually transfer to one another.



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