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Wall  Drawing, inside-out pots

 sound performance interrupted by readings

16:12 minute video projected on a screen

STUDIO CAMP, Mumbai, India, 2023.

Lecture-Performance, Foundation For India Contemporary Art,
Delhi, India, 2023

Examined the means of violence across multiple incidents and ideas. Deconstructing the theological and political beliefs of the self and materializing a New Buddhist reasoning into the conversation. 

To Inhabit, With Care
conversation series by School of Environment and Architecture, Mumbai, India, 2023. 

Breathing on sewage infrastructures while listening, writing, and working; sinking inside the historical wastewater and its belief mechanism developing under the smart cities; this talk constructs a counter narrative of ecological and care politics via a thickening of the outcaste, toxic substances, and the unarrivable.

Performance, Objects, Drawings, Residues, Text.
Ashkal Alwan, Beirut, Lebanon, 2019

“Kadr” is an investigation on the wrapping papers of local bread of the city of Beirut. That has produced the oil traces on wrapping papers. The performative research leads to the neighborhood while measuring, documenting, collecting, and understanding the food as energy and power.

Biometric, Performance, Text 2019

Performance, video, drawing, sculpture, and photographs. 

Performance, site-responcive, 2018.

The construction of a city emerges as the growth of abandoned infrastructure (Greater Noida). We found the site in this landscape to engage, the site was unused and covered with dust particles. The immersing process in the underground site comes up with sets of actions, post-actions, sounds, and drawings. 

Text, Conversation, and Circulation of Images
Studio Jangpura, Delhi, India, 2023.

Performance and Objects


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